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Dining at The Silver Spur

” Even after hurtling down the slopes of Big Thunder Mountain and meandering along the languorous Rivers of the Far West, your Western adventure is not complete until you taste authentic American char-grilled meats.
In the 19th century, cowboys grazed cattle on the plains on behalf of the big landowners. The latter were the real aristocracy of the new world, wearing silver spurs and meeting at select steakhouses. In tribute to the pioneers who crossed the continent from East to West, a huge silver and copper carriage wheel lamp hangs above the grill where chefs grill T-bone steaks and other choice cuts before your very eyes. At the Silver Spur Steakhouse the grill takes center stage and the preparation of your meal is the show! ”

Frontierland’s Silver Spur Steakhouse transports you back to the 1880’s when restaurants like these were the meeting place for wealthy ranchers and notables. You can Find this elegant Western-style gentlemen’s club opposite the Thunder Mesa  Riverboat Landing.
Imposing replicas of Frederic Remington statues flank the entrance and waiting area of this restaurant, also notice the many light fixtures that are made up of silver spurs and buffalo.

The first time we dined here was in 1998 and it wasn’t before 2011 we went back and each had a perfectly aged steak that goes in to history as the best steak we ever had.
At our next visit to the Silver Spur a year later, those legendary steaks had sadly disappeared from the menu. The change in the menu made us hesitate a bit but last November we decided to give the Silver Spur a chance for revenge.
A challenge which was won by the Silver Spur Steakhouse and it really exceeded our expectations so we even went back a few days later for another surprise.
The first day we ordered the Buffalo Burger.
We love buffalo but never had it as a burger before. Mind you, a burger in a Disney restaurant is not your average fast food piece of meat look-a-like that leaves you hungry within twenty minutes.
Served with bacon, cheddar, some guacamole, salad and sweet potato chips on a sepia colored bun, this burger was a meal fit for a cowboy.  The South African Chardonnay we had, matched very well with this meal of perfectly grilled meat, nicely fried potatoes and fresh Guacamole. The black, sepia colored rolls were a pleasant surprise. The sepia not only provides a surprising color, but also gives the bread a refined taste.
For dessert we both had an Apple and Pear Crumble Tart served with vanilla ice cream. The food, the atmosphere and service were as you would expect in a Disneyland park;  simply amazing!
We sure had a hog-killin’ time.
The second time we went to the Silver Spur Steakhouse it was a bit busier.
It was not a full house but we didn’t quite get the best table and nothing was cleaned after some guests had left. There were still some big potato chunks  left on the floor. Our waiter didn’t seem to be the friendliest fellar but that might be attributable to the fact that he did not speak or understand English. I always assumed that to be an acquired skill for every Cast Member.
The food however was excellent.
We planned to have the Buffalo Burger again but decided  to order something else, we did have the same wine though. The big surprise this time was the starter dish,  Tomato with Coriander Sorbet. There was no description whatsoever on the menu so we simply had to order it to satisfy our curiosity. The tomatoes could have been the small, watery kind but instead they had a wonderful structure and were full of taste even without the very good dressing and seasoning. The Coriander Sorbet was just as wonderful.
The only thing that bothered me is why the chef did not use a bigger spoon to scoop this on our plates.
Next we had the Silver Spur Grilled Entrecote Steak with Béarnaise sauce served with chips and sweetcorn. Well, they know how to grill a steak at the Silver Spur, nothing can go wrong.
For dessert we had the Crème Flambée. It may not seem a very exciting choice but it turned out to be a simple but well executed dish.
Although the food was excellent, both visits were totally different experiences the contrast was too big. The contrast between one perfect dining experience and a less friendly treatment the second time was too large. Guests should never be able to notice the difference when there´s another team at service. Food presentation is not special at the Silver Spur, a little more attention and creativity would be welcome. I must say the tableware does not fit the Western decor and your meal looks rather boring on the square and very white plates
Despite these two points of comment the Silver Spur Steakhouse will remain on our list of favorite restaurants in Disneyland Paris.


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